Meet Play Love will be holding parties in all locations around Sydney including North Sydney, Sydney City, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, The Shire. Parramatta, Penrith, The Hills District and so many more! We know that you want to meet Single’s in your local area so we are going to narrow down your search for you!




Meet Play Love is coming to Sydney to bring dating back to basics


We know that Online and App dating is time consuming and rarely successful. So it’s time that we get back out there and meet real people again! Meet Play Love will be hosting events in different locations around town to give you the opportunity to meet more likeminded people locally! Somewhere along the way – and with the help of online and app dating, we have lost the ability to connect to people in a real way. The fun has been taken out of meeting people and searching for Love. While we are so consumed with what is on our screens, we are often missing what is right in front of us. Come to a Meet Play Love event and leave your online profiles at home. Meet people organically again. Bring dating back to basics!


It’s great to know the types of qualities you want to find in a potential partner. It’s great to be in touch with yourself and know your values because finding a partner with similar values increases your chances at being compatible in a relationship. However these days we are way too focused on our checklists and need to put them aside enough to give people a chance. Find a connection and then figure out the rest! Chemistry and compatibility are vital to make any relationship stand the test of time, and with our obsession of trying to find someone who ticks all the boxes (and also being the person who wants to tick all of someone else’s boxes!) we are forgetting about the chemistry. At Meet Play Love, we believe that for far too long (with online dating) we have been going about dating backwards. Find someone you like – and then work on creating a life together with compatibility. Be yourself and find someone who likes you for YOU! We want you to get dressed up, look good, feel good and start putting yourself out there to have fun again. By putting your best foot forward and putting your best self out there you increase your odds of finding someone who is looking for you!

Bring the Fun back to Dating

Meet Play Love is different to anything else currently in the Singles market. With Meet Play Love there are no Apps, no online profiles, no swiping pictures based on looks, age or location. We do not set you up on 5 minute interview style dates and consider that a fun night out – because all of that is exhausting and not very rewarding. We get it! Meet Play Love is getting back to basics and we are hosting events only inviting singles who are looking for Love! Meet Play Love events have fun icebreakers so you are able to approach that sexy single across the room. Our events will always include food and drinks as we like to look after our guests. We insist on FUN at our events and will create an atmosphere that is relaxed and stylish, so that all of our guests are comfortable and having a good time. Meet Play Love events will hold events for different age ranges in various locations. If we haven’t yet announced an event for you in your neighbourhood, contact us and let us know! We want you to find that special someone, and most of all, we want you to be having fun again!


In our frantic search for the one, we’ve forgotten to have fun.

Meet Play Love is here to change the dating culture and get back to basics.

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