What if I don’t have anyone to come to an event with?

You absolutely must come along! In fact, a lot of people that attend singles events alone have been known to have an even better night because they’re free to mingle solo. Meet Play Love hosts will be close by should you need us, and we will look after you! But you’ll be too busy meeting new people you won’t even notice us – we just know it!

Will you cater to my dietary requirements?

Absolutely! Once you purchase a ticket please email and let us know!

You haven’t organised any parties in my area - will you?

We certainly can if there’s enough interest! Email Meet Play Love at if you would like us to host a party near you and let us do the rest.

What ages are at your events?

Age range will vary depending on the specific event. Meet Play Love will cater to different age groups from party to party, but if you have something in mind – drop us an email and let us know!

What do I wear?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible at our events! We also want you feeling your best because when you feel good you look great! Most events will be Cocktail dress code, so get yourself dressed up and walk out of the house looking a million bucks ready to meet a venue full of sexy singles who are doing the same!

What are the Terms and Conditions of your Events, and what is your Privacy Policy?

Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found here:

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

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